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Best Sportsbook Malaysia Tips: Best Cricket teams in 2009-2023

Are you wandering around looking for the best cricket teams to bet on the best sportsbook Malaysia? There's a saying that goes "No one will remember who came in second". Yes, indeed everyone strives for the first place. And when somebody asked who is the best cricket team in the world, how do we answer that? You might think this is a subjective question, there's fans all around the world rooting for their teams, some even got mad arguing over the internet for it.

In fact, even if we look at the world ranking, there are three different cricket formats, namely Test Match, One-Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 (T20) where each of them has their own list of teams in certain positions. In this case, why not make it simple, let's see who won the most cricket world cups and the truth will unfold. The information below might be able to assist you when placing your wager in the best sportsbook Malaysia.

Which team won the most Cricket World Cups?

If you want to bet on 12Play best sportsbook Malaysia, it is crucial to understand the past result of your favourite sport game. The Cricket World Cups first started in 1975, it has been held eleven times since. Out of these 11 tournaments, Australia national cricket team has topped it with a winning count of five times, that's almost half of the records throughout the whole Cricket World Cups history! In addition, Australia had a three in a row winning streak from 1999 to 2007, and that is a record no other cricket team could break so far. It would not be a surprise to know that the Australia national cricket team is one of the oldest cricket teams in Test cricket history. On top of that, even though currently they are ranked 5th in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Test Matches ranking, the Australia national cricket team are known as the most successful team according to their records of winning in the Test matches history.

On the other hand, both West Indies and India's cricket team won the Cricket World Cup twice in history. West Indies had a rocket start at the early stages of the Cricket World Cups. Their cricket team has won the very first Cricket World Cups hosted, and followed by the second tournament as well. And then India cricket team took away their crown at the third tournament. The India cricket team is currently placed number 1 at the ICC Test matches ranking as they have started to grow stronger since the year 2007.

While other one-time champion cricket teams were England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Sri Lanka cricket team have made it to the final three times but only manage to win once, but still, they are one of the top ten cricket teams in the world according to the ICC world ranking. Hope this analysis able to help you bet on 12Play best sportsbook Malaysia.

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Top Ten Best Cricket Teams

6 cricket teams were mentioned previously, now let’s explore other candidates. Unlike Australia, the England cricket team had a rough journey towards their championship. They have fought their way up to the top as they were three times runner-up in the past history of Cricket World Cups and eventually, they stood out at the most recent tournament – Cricket World Cups in 2019. It is worth to mention that the England cricket team is ranked number 1 on the ICC ODI ranking,

Pakistan cricket team had a pretty good run as well, they got the first place once as well as the runner-up in the Cricket World Cups. Despite there being a match fixing scandal that involved taking bribes from a man named Mazhar Majeed and then performing poorly on purpose during some of the Test matches in Lord’s, London back in 2010, they remained the 1st team on the ICC T20 ranking.

Another rising star in South Asia is Bangladesh national cricket team. Although they have not yet made it to the final match of the Cricket World Cups, they have proved their capability when they forced draws playing against power houses such as Pakistan, India and even won against top tier cricket teams like England as well as Australia in Test matches. The Bangladesh national cricket team is ranked 9th in Test Matches, 7th in ODI and 9th in T20 according to ICC.

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Biggest Cricket World Cup Win Ever Recorded

Well, we all know that all these data and facts can help us to locate a good cricket team, however it is the huge play that makes people remember the team. Thus, teams that got big wins will always have a special spot in the heart of all the cricket fans. One of the biggest world cup win records was held by Australia national cricket team. They have won against Afghanistan with a score of 417 runs, made it to the top of the list with a margin of 275 runs.

Secondly, there are many matches that were so one-sided that it all ended up with 10 wickets. The first 10-wicket game in Cricket World Cups was won by India national cricket team against East Africa back in 1975. All these summaries are exclusively for gamblers in 12Play best sportsbook Malaysia.

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